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"We Bridge the Gap between Nutrition and Exercise"

Custom nutrition program with our registered dietitian. 

Meal preparation and cooking lessons with our private chef. 

Individualized personal training programs with our certified trainers. 


Your Nutrition Secret Weapon:

Working with a Registered Dietitian!

Tony Paradis, Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Registered Dietitians (R.D.) are your most credible source of nutrition information. Tony Paradis is a registered and licensed dietitian and USAW certified personal trainer, author, speaker, and experienced fitness expert. Our nutrition services are driven by your specific goals, needs, and exercise regimen.

We accept most insurance for nutrition services. Just email or text us your drivers license and insurance card and we can check your benefits.

Nutrition Philosophy

We believe your nutrition program should be:

  • Flexible and individualized with your personal eating preferences
  • Designed to teach you moderation and not deprivation
  • A lifestyle change and not a diet
  • Guided by a registered and licensed dietitian
  • Focused on emotions and behaviors as well as food choices
  • Realistic so you can balance eating for pleasure with reaching your goals


This isn't just a meal plan or calorie counting. This is a lifestyle change and eating behavior modification program. You will meet with our registered dietitian for 1 on 1 sessions to develop an individualized nutrition program.

Nutrition Program Includes:

  • Cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping strategies
  • Emotional eating strategies
  • How to dine healthy at your favorite restaurants
  • Portion control and calorie estimation methods
  • Vitamins, minerals, and supplements for your specific goals
  • Family nutrition and social eating strategies
  • How to eat instinctively and maintain permanent results

Online Nutrition Coaching 

If you are outside our local service area, you can connect to your R.D. with the convenience of online or phone appointments.


Get Ready for a Meal Plan Your Entire Family Will Love!

Mike Moreland, Personal Chef

Our personal chef services are designed to helping you meet your personal nutrition goals while fully enjoying a delicious and healthy culinary experience. We provide a full range of chef services from teaching you how to cook a few meals all the way to creating a menu, doing the grocery shopping for you, and preparing fresh meals for you right in your own home. We travel to you, prep your food, package it, and give you the heating instructions.

Cooking Philosophy

We believe that your experience with cooking should be:

  • Delicious, nutritious, and convenient
  • A positive impact on you and your family's health
  • Guided by an experienced chef
  • Encouraging to help you find new dishes that you enjoy
  • Educational and make you more confident in your own cooking abilities

You get:

  • Meals for every day of the week.
  • Full access to our online database of healthy recipes.
  • Phone consultation with Chef Mike to determine your food preferences.
  • In-home chef service ranging from cooking lessons to weekly food preparation.
  • Grocery shopping done for you.
  • All equipment, food storage, and clean up is provided by us.

How our Private Chef Services Works

Step 1: Menu Creation

Choose from hundreds of different healthy recipes

Step 2: Consultation with Chef

Our personal chef will contact you once he has received your custom menus.

Step 3: Meal Preparation 

Our chef does the grocery shopping for you and comes to your house t prepare your meals for the upcoming weeks.

Get Excited! This is Not Your Boring Old Workout Program!

Joshua LeBlanc, PT and Kinesiologist

Training Philosophy

We want to understand you and your goals. It is important to us that you start our program feeling educated and comfortable. Our trainers Josh and Ryan are both personal trainers and exercise scientists. Each personal training program is customized to your needs and goals.

We believe your fitness program should be:

  • Challenging and fun
  • Effective and efficient
  • Guided by the highest qualified trainers
  • Science based
  • Individualized for your goals
  • Accompanied with a nutrition program

Our 3 Phase Training System

Phase 1 : Build up

You need some time to get your heart, joints, and muscles in shape if you're just starting out. We spend phase 1 building your body up so that the transition into phase 2 is a smooth one.

Phase 2: Fat reduction

In phase 2 we focus on getting your body lean. These workouts are designed to burn calories and fat while still preserving your lean muscle mass.

Phase 3: Muscle building

Once you have maintained your desired level of leanness, you will spend some time in phase 3 to build up muscle in the areas you need it the most.

Ryan Hattaway, PT and Kinesiologist

Online Training

The most convenient way to train is in your own home and could be the best option for you. The Skype virtual phone allows you to achieve personal trainer guided workouts anywhere you can bring a computer.

Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete looking for a supplemental strength and performance program, Food and Fitness delivers results. Combining principles taught by NFL and US Olympic strength coaches, our personally designed programs are scientifically proven, athlete tested, and constructed specifically for each new athlete.


Free Assessments and Consultations

Tony Paradis

  • The free consultation will take 60 minutes and consists of:

    • Evaluation of your intake forms, food records, and medical history.
    • Take and evaluate your measurements.
    • Determine metabolic rate.
    • Recommendations to achieve your goals.
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